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As a team, we often likened as a swarm of bees. A bee, take from the best part of flower, that is pollen, and then produce only the best from it, namely honey. As photographers, we capture only the best moment that represent your emotion and personality, then produce only the good pictures (and videos) from that.

Reza Prabowo Baswartono

Reza Prabowo Baswartono

the Dream Catcher

Now 20 years old. A young and talented photographer who became a professional because his dream. The dream of capturing every endearing moments, the moments when life meets love. He is also member of several international photographer association. His works has been featured on international wedding directory, wedding magazine, and used for advertisements of wedding companies

Ardi Prabowo Baswartono

Ardi Prabowo Baswartono

the Vision Crafter

After studied at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, he worked at AON Europe and Ministry of Finance. But, passion cannot be detained, he decide to be a full time photographer. His style is romantic yet bold. Ardi believes that a great picture not only made from high-skilled technique but most importantly is how he could capture "moment of love"

Nadhia Ayu Baswartono

Nadhia Ayu Baswartono

the Studio Manager

Never underestimate her ability to handle multitask job. Graduated from FEB, Gadjah Mada University, now her main responsibility is to ensure our studio run smoothly as well as client's A to Z is well prepared. She has a dream to be a well-known writer someday. Now she is pursuing her Master Degree

Hanny Ardianto

Hanny Ardianto

the Details Keeper

A happy wife and a blessed mom. Her responsibility is to handle client needs regarding wardrobe, accessories, and properties. Finishing her MBA at Gadjah Mada University, she is also a founder of Permata Wastra Indonesia, clothing line especially made from traditional fabric, such as Batik and Ikat. Her day become wonderful when she could spent a whole day with her son, Arjuna

Intan Prilla

Intan Prilla

the Fashion Designer

Intan won several awards in fashion design, although she was graduated from Psychology, Gadjah Mada University. Some of fabulous gowns and dresses which wear by our client are designed by her. She is a student of Indonesia top designer, Abineri Ang. She has a private collection named "Prilla Amie"

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Award & Publications

Reza Prabowo is a proud member of Fearless Photographers

Reza Prabowo is a proud member of Fearless Photographers, that is directory of worlds boldest wedding photographer. Reza also the first wedding photographer in Yogyakarta who could joined Fearless Photographers and the youngest too! You could see Reza profile here.

Reza Prabowo Photography is "76+ Photographers You Need To Know"

Reza Prabowo Photography has choosen by Bella Donna - The Wedding, one of the best wedding magazine in Indonesia, as their "76+ Photographers You Need To Know".

On the Bridestory Blog About Traditional Prewedding

Go straight to Bridestory Blog for the complete coverage of this topic. Here the link: http://www.bridestory.com/blog/get-back-to-the-root-with-traditional-engagement-shoot

Our photos also have been used by Bridestory for their online advertisment

Our photos also have been used by Bridestory for their online advertisment. As you know Bridestory is a top wedding directory in Indonesia.

Frequently Asked Question


What is your photography style?

Our style is you, means that you inspire us! Before and during the photo session, we would love to discuss everything. We capture every best moment that reveals your personality, feeling, and of course, at the end, could inspire others. So, there is no “one style fit to all”, because everyone is born to be unique.


When do you usually do pre-wedding photo shoot?

We advice you to begin discussing your concept, location, etc. six months before wedding day and take pre-wedding photo session 4-3 months before wedding day. It’s nice to discuss everything in advance, so you don’t need to rush to your other tight schedule.


Are you available for international photo shoot?

Off course, yes! Actually, some of our photographer had lived  in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They would be loved to share advice for beautiful places to take photo shoot, especially in Europe.


How many photos do you take in one photo session?

For pre-wedding we usually take 350-400 photos (per session) and wedding about 1.000-1.500 photos (per day), it is depends on the circumstances, eg: weather, availability of location, etc. We will give you all the photo that had been taken after get rid of the photos that do not usable, such as test photo, really low exposure (dark), not focus, etc.


Do you provide make up for the photo shoot?

We don’t provide make up but we could refer you to some of very talented make up artist that we have worked with.

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